I am currently working on my fourth game Nightmare Lit. A hip-hop horror game. I know, I know. What kind of a concoction is this? I started thinking about how the last true memorable hip-hop game was PaRappa the Rapper. That was a long time ago.
To pay homage to hip-hop, is to pay homage to what made me who I am today. The power of my own voice, and it's discovery broke my mental glass of what is possible. It fueled my hunger to learn as many skills as possible.
Horror, and Hip-Hop. I love them both. It's great to be indie, as there is no other subset of the game development medium that could create a mix like this. Game design wise, the game would revolve around four characters. The Emcee, Beat, Battery, and Light. Each character would be responsible for one of these. Change the light intensity, switch to a different rap style, and control the number of layers to a beat all while watching how these affect consumption. A simulation of performing music, in the face of horror.
Indie Game Dev